Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bag it

Status: Sold Out
Colour: Black and white
Measurements: Length - 17 inches, Height - 12 inches
Code: FS107
Material: Leather

Ribbon top

Price: RM48
Status: Available
Colour: Blue (Sold), Grey
Measurements: Length - 30 inches
Code: FS106
Material: Good Quality Cotton ad black pleated centre and ribbon made of soft chiffon material
Remarks: Pair it with a skirt or wear it as a dress. Ribbon is detachable

Green and white

Price: RM45
Status: Available
Colour: Green and white
Code: FS105
Material: Soft chiffon

Frilly top

Price: RM39
Status: Available
Colour: Black, beige, grey
Code: FS104
Material: Soft Cotton
Remarks: Frilly top with smocked back

High waist skirt

Price: RM48
Status: Available
Size: M (Waist: 14 inches, Hip: 18 inches, Length: 22 inches)
S (Waist: 13 inches, Hip: 17 inches, Length: 22 inches)
Colour: Black, Grey
Code: FS103
Material: High Quality Satin
Remarks: High waisted skirt with criss-cross patterns at the waist

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Long Black Top

Price: RM45
Status: Available
Colour: Black
Code: FS102
Material: Good Quality Cotton
Remarks: Ribbon detachable. Another versatile top. Pair it with a skirt as per Gold Buttons

Gold Buttons

Price: RM48
Status: Available
Colour: Blue, Black, White
Code: FS101
Material: Cotton
Remarks: Uber versatile piece with gold buttons. Wear it as a skirt, pinafore (suspenders detachable) or as a top. Smocked back for perfect fit.


Price: RM38
Status: Available
Colour: Yellow, Grey
Code: FS103

Anchor Bag

Price : RM42
Colour : Pink
Code: FS100
Material : Cotton
Remarks: Adjustable straps. One pocket in the front and pocket in the back.


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