Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Betty Boo

I'm not quite sure when polka dots started it's craze or polka origin (.. anything to do with polka dancing). But it's been with us every now and then. Take the eighties huge neon dots on those big blazers .Anyway, we fell in love with this piece the moment we laid our orbs on it. It screams Forever 21, as hinted previously ;). I hope you have the same throbbing of the heart as we did that day now as YOU lay eyes on Betty Boo.

Oh yes, have you noticed a little difference in the quality of the picture ?We took it using one of those heavy SLR cameras that are bigger than most people's faces (Not mine since I have a big face ...). Thanks Boonie for the camera loan !

Price : RM37
Colour : Blue
Code: FS0096
Size : Free Size (Length 37 cm)
Material : Denim/ Jeans
Remarks: Padded and smocked at sides for better fit. Sweetheart corset with lace and ribbon.

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